Confidentiality & Consents


Your fertility treatment is totally confidential. We are not allowed to inform your Doctors or any other person without your consent. You need to specify on the consent form the name of your Doctors and whether we can disclose identifying info to your future Doctors. The details of your treatment will not appear on the records of your future child.

We are required to disclose info to the HFEA or other licensed centres on your request, in case of emergency, in legal procedures and if a complaint is made or genetic parental info is required.

On the other hand we have to register all patients undertaking assisted conception treatment at the HFEA. The identity of an anonymous donor is not disclosed. Children borne from donated gametes have the right to obtain identifying info about their genetic parents when they are 18 years old or above.

We can not perform your treatment without your written consent. Make sure you understand your fertility problem, the proposed treatment, your chances of success, implications and side effects, alternative treatment options and ethical and legal issues related to your fertility treatment. You can discuss these points with your partner or your family. You can ask for counselling or even seek legal advice.

We need your written consents for:

  • Using your gametes for treatment, donation or storage.
  • Creating embryos in vitro and storing them.
  • Using your gametes/embryos in the event of your death or mentally/physically incapacity.
  • Transferring you gametes/embryos to another clinic.

If we do not hold your relevant consents, the clinic can not use or store your gametes/embryos and they will be allowed to perish.