Recurrent Failure



If you are trying to conceive and have experienced recurrent IVF failure or worse, recurrent miscarriage, it can be a frightening and emotionally draining experience. Often it is the not knowing which is the worst. It takes a lot of courage to undergo many IVF cycles, produce embryos successfully, only to see them fail to implant for unexplained reasons.

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The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy specialises in such cases. We understand the frustration of couples who have experienced repeated IVF cycle failure and not been able to find out why it has happened or what can be done differently next time. Led by renowned fertility specialist Dr A Gorgy, our clinic offers a full range of tests which aim to isolate the problems causing implantation failure or preventing you from successfully carrying a baby to term.

These tests can be broadly grouped into four categories.

While there are no guarantees, if you are ready to ask for assistance, we believe that at The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy we can improve your chances of a successful pregnancy. Our experience, close monitoring of the patients and personalized treatment can give you the extra help you need to safely navigate the obstacles keeping you from your dream of having a baby.