Sperm Freezing


The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy offers a comprehensive sperm freezing service. Men who might benefit from this include:

  • Those who have a low sperm count or are producing sperm that is showing signs of deterioration
  • Patients due to undergo surgery, chemotherapy or some other treatment that could impair future fertility
  • Anyone who has difficulty producing a sperm sample on the day of treatment
  • Someone who has produced a surplus as a result of surgical sperm removal (PESA/TESA)

We freeze the sperm in a special medium to protect them from damage during the freeze-thaw process. Not all of the sperm survives this freezing process.  Therefore, to assess the sperm survival after each freeze, we perform a thorough analysis. To tie-in with legal regulations we can only store sperm for a maximum of 10 years. During this time, the genetic content of sperm remains unaffected and the survival of sperm after the freezing process is very high.

Consent must always be obtained by the male patient before the sperm is stored.