Has Your IVF Been Unsuccessful So Far?

Has Your IVF Been Unsuccessful So Far?

No doubt you are feeling disheartened after an unsuccessful IVF treatment. The physical and mental toll can be hard to bear. Often it takes a number of cycles to succeed and many couples say they feel helpless and have little control during the treatment process. We understand the frustration of not knowing why your IVF has failed and can show you what can be done differently next time.

At The Fertility and Gynaecology Academy, our consultants are leaders in the field, so turning past  IVF failure into success is an area in which we have a very high level of expertise.  There are a host of reasons why you may have experienced IVF failure and we explore these with you.


Video: Treating Recurrent IVF Failure.

Our expert team is here to support you fully with the highest level of continuous care in the comfort of our state of the art practice. We aim to give you the right information, the right answers and the best options for future success.

Led by renowned fertility specialist Dr A Gorgy, our clinic offers a full range of tests which aim to isolate the problems causing implantation failure. These tests can be broadly grouped into four categories:

These tests allow us to decide the best course of treatment for any issues discovered during the testing process. Our experience, close monitoring of our patients and personalised treatment can give you the extra help you need to safely navigate the obstacles keeping you from your dream of having a baby.

Egg Donation is ideal for women with premature ovarian failure or malfunctioning ovaries as well as those who have undergone radiotherapy or chemotherapy and are experiencing problems producing good quality eggs. We are one of the few clinics to offer high quality eggs right here in London with minimal wait times and high success rates.

Surrogacy is a great option for couples who have had repeated IVF failure, women with an abnormal uterus or those who have had hysterectomies, as well as for same sex couples. We offer both full and partial surrogacy. We screen and counsel all involved.

At The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy we are leaders in our field and we are very proud of our success ratesWe are particularly proud of this figure considering that our specialism is treating complex cases of recurrent IVF failure (IVF treatment that has been repeatedly unsuccessful at other clinics for whatever reason).

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