IVF Suite


IVF Clinic Lab

Our newly constructed state-of-the-art IVF suite has opened it’s doors, and we are pleased to offer unparalleled services for all of your fertility needs.

At our clinic, patients can enjoy a continuity of personal care – with one dedicated consultant from start to finish. A small and highly experienced group of Embryologists, Nurses and admin staff support throughout the process, and work closely together to care for all of your needs for the duration of your fertility journey.

The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy specialises in difficult cases and has significant experience in male factor infertility and Surgical Sperm Retrieval Techniques (PESA and TESA). Additionally, Dr Gorgy is a world renowned expert on immune system factors that might result in IVF failure or miscarriage, and offers a deep understanding of immune therapy pathways.

It is with great pleasure that we can offer our patients “one-stop” fertility care at a reasonable and considerate cost.

We provide:

  • Standard IVF
  • Standard ICSI
  • IMSI/ ICSI – to choose the sperm with mature DNA for ICSI.
  • PICSI/ ICSI – to choose the more normal looking sperm under high resolution for ICSI.
  • PGS and PGD – using the latest technology of CGH, CGH micro array, NGS and karyomapping (for more difficult cases). If needed, this can be done on all the embryos as one batch which will significantly reduce the cost. Additionally, immune supportive therapy can be done once when the embryos are thawed and replaced rather than repeated in every cycle.
  • Time Lapse imaging – to maintain high quality embryos and choose the best embryo for transfer.
  • Egg Freezing and banking with vitrification – the most successful method for freezing.
  • Embryo freezing and banking with vitrification.
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