Success Rates

Having decided you wish to proceed with assisted conception, choosing a clinic can be a daunting prospect involving a number of different considerations, not least IVF success rates.

Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer and live birth rate per embryo transfer for fresh and frozen IVF and ICSI using own eggs for January – December 2016
Age Clinical Pregnancy Rates /ET Live birth rates /ET
<35 yrs 15 from 35
14 from 35
35-37 12 from 22
12 from 22
38-39 10 from 14
8 from 14
40-42 6 from 18
5 from 18
All Ages 43 from 89
39 from 89
Note: These figures have not been verified by HFEA.

Whilst the comparison of success rates can never be considered an exact science (due to the different patient diagnoses various clinics treat and so on), they can be a useful tool in deciding if you want to proceed further with a clinic.

For further guidance please refer to the HFEA’s advice on success rates.

Here at The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy, our success rates are among some of the highest in Britain. We are particularly proud of this figure considering that our specialism is treating complex cases of recurrent IVF failure (IVF treatment that has been repeatedly unsuccessful at other clinics for whatever reason).

We have provided a table of recent success rates below. Since fertility declines with age, we have divided the information into appropriate age brackets.

The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy boasts state of the art laboratory facilities and all procedures are done on site.

All treatments are carried out by Dr Gorgy, and the table above represents the overall results as requested and validated by the HFEA. The HFEA is the UK’s independent regulator of treatment using eggs and sperm, and of treatment and research involving human embryos.

You may also want to read the HFEA’s Fertility Treatment in 2014: Trends and Figures report. This report presents fertility trends and figures including the patients treated, the different treatments used and the pregnancy rates for fertility treatment cycles carried out in the UK in 2014.

At the Academy we offer not only the most advanced techniques available in assisted conception, but also personalised direct support from our specialists. Our consultants are leaders in their field and they will always ensure that you feel educated, comfortable and fully supported throughout your treatment with us.


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